4 Important Qualities of a Good Designer

In our previous article, we mentioned that before making the outsourcing decision, it’s a good idea to spend some time with the team of designers that will potentially be involved in your design project so that you get a feel of who they are. This is meant to give you an opportunity to see beyond their talent and try to gauge who they are personally. Personality plays a big role in design and will potentially determine whether the team will succeed or fail.

Here are 4 important qualities to look out for when trying to identify a good designer.

#1 They must be good communicators

Remember, part of the mandate of the design team will be to structure your content so that the story behind your brand can be told in an appealing way. This communication must be clear because it’s what will pull your customers in. If the designers can clearly articulate these ideas then it means they are good communicators. However, if you notice they are struggling to communicate, take it as a red flag.

#2 They must have a sense of curiosity

Good designers should be able to look beyond the surface, be more exploratory, and think outside the box. This can be summarized as creative curiosity and it’s what determines a designer’s level of creativity. When interacting with a team of designers prior to awarding them the job, you will get an opportunity to gauge whether they poses such a quality which will come in handy when they are engaged in your design project.

#3 They must have passion and drive

Design work is never a 9 to 5 job. Professionals in the creative industry will always need to work odd hours, and at times handle tricky workloads as they work towards beating the client’s deadline yet still produce the best work possible. This can only be achieved by a person who has passion and drive. The thing about passion and drive is that they can’t be faked. As you interact with a team of designers, if you are attentive, you can easily tell the difference between a passionate person and a person who’s in it just for the money.

#4 They must be open to criticism

One of the toughest challenges designers in the creative industry face is their ability to take in criticism. Before deciding on whether to give a designer a job, you must first establish their willingness to take in criticism. This is because you will be involved in every step of the design process and you will always voice your concerns when the concept isn’t really coming out the way you expect it to. If you are dealing with a bunch of designers who can’t take criticism, they are likely to get emotional and stall the project.

There are of course may other qualities to look out for in designers but these 4 are the most critical to ensure your design work goes on without any hitches. These are observable characteristics but they will require a bit of probing therefore do your homework.