These are The Reasons your Website is not Getting Traffic

One of the reasons many companies make the decision to outsource design work, especially web design, is simply because they feel the task is too big to do internally. The company has had a website in place for years but it doesn’t seem to be getting any traffic. It’s however important to know why your website is not getting traffic before you go for external designers to revamp your website. Some of the reasons could be simple things you can just do on your own.

Here are a couple of reasons why your website is not getting traffic.

Your content may not actually be good

Your customers will only go to your website if it has content that is of value to them. For instance, if you are selling products or services, it will be important for your website to clearly demonstrate the value proposition of these products or services so that a customer can evaluate them against their needs. Make it a point to go through your website’s content while putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and see whether it would influence your decision making.

Your website may not be user friendly


When customers come to your website, in most cases they already have in mind what they are looking for and they hope your website will give them some level of convenience through offering a good user experience. However, when a customer has a difficult time navigating through your website therefore taking too long to get what they want, chances are they will not return or recommend your website to anyone.

Your website may be too slow

Your customers are busy people and the fact that they are on your website means they have taken time out of their busy schedules. Therefore, when they are on your website and your pages are taking too long to load, making your customers spend additional time that they don’t have, you can be guaranteed they will neither return nor recommend your website to anyone. It’s always important for you to compare your website with that of the competition so that you can tell whether your website speed is at par.

Your website may not be mobile friendly

Because many people are living on the go today, your customers will always want the convenience of being able to access your website through their mobile devices. However, when your website is not properly optimized for mobile devices therefore not giving your customers a good experience, it will dissuade them from accessing your website through their mobile devices hence you will miss out on this traffic. No website can survive by just appealing to customers with desktop computers.

You may not have done sufficient SEO

You must realize that your website is competing for the attention of audiences with millions of other websites in the few popular search engines therefore you need to have a good SEO plan to ensure that your website stands out. If you’re not getting website traffic it’s because your SEO is not sufficient.

If you can figure out how to do most of these internally, it will save you from spending money outsourcing this work. However, if you don’t have internal competencies then by all means, outsource.